Courtney R.

Dentist in Regina

Courtney R.

Hey there, I’m Courtney R., and I’m the friendly face you’ll see when you first walk into 306 Dental. I absolutely love being the “welcome committee” for our awesome patients!

Insurance Guru: If you’ve got questions about insurance, I’m your gal. I’ve got a knack for navigating the insurance maze and can help you out with any insurance-related puzzles you might have. Just ask away!

Friendly and Approachable: I’m also super easy to talk to. Got concerns or just want to chat? Feel free to swing by and say hi. I’m here to make your dental experience a breeze. So, if you’re looking for a friendly face who can unravel the mysteries of dental insurance, look no further. Swing by 306 Dental, and let’s chat. Your smile and your insurance questions are in good hands with me, Courtney R.!

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